Spiral Staircase Loft Access  (see images below)

A Spiral Staircase for your Loft Conversion, a great feature with minimum intrusion.

A Loft conversion is a great way to improve your home especially if space is at a premium and they can add value.

What is the best way to access my loft conversion?

When planning a loft conversion it is important to consider the design and position of your staircase. It will affect the layout and feel of both the new loft space and the floor level used for access.

A spiral staircase is a great solution to access your new space. On a practical level, their small footprint doesn’t intrude on your newly-created living space and allows them to be sited in a position which suits the spaces above and below. Railings around the staircase will enclose the edge of the loft floor, making it safe without spoiling the open space.

With Elite the spiral staircase can be customised to fit your home’s design and requirements, with a number of styles, shapes and materials available to make sure your spiral staircase is not only functional but a part of your home.

Whatever your design taste, it’s essential to choose a company which will work with you to create a safe and compliant spiral staircase bespoke to your home and requirements. You can contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

The advantages of having a permanent staircase, as opposed to a pull down ladder, are that they are a lot safer and with our various designs they can be a real feature. Our staircases are available as small as a 1020mm diameter.

Help and Advice

We will offer help and advice on all aspects of your loft access spiral staircase including BS 5395-2 so that you can be sure it will be the right one for your conversion. All our spiral stairs are manufactured in our premises in Warwickshire which is centrally located for most parts of the UK. This means that we have full control over the build process and quality of the spiral staircase and can keep lead time to a minimum.

Loft Conversion Spiral Staircase Examples