What to Consider Before Ordering your Spiral Staircase

Here you can use this check list to ensure that you have all the required information before submitting your order. It is to make sure that we meet your exact requirements and that any unnecessary problems are avoided.

  1. Check the exact floor to floor measurement
  2. Check the direction of stair (clockwise or anit-clockwise) going up the stair from bottom to top
  3. Check the diameter of the stair required
  4. Make sure you have a delivery address where someone will be in
  5. Make sure you provide a contact telephone number for delivery
  6. Ensure that you have any necessary building regulation approval. If you have any doubts, please contact our technical department as soon as possible
  7. Is the stair going to be internal or external?
  8. Consider the landing components (balustrading) that are required
  9. Determine what type of hole (if any) your stair is going through? Square, Round or Open
  10. If any of the details have changed from our original quotation then please confirm that the costing has been suitably updated
  11. Unless stated all stairs will require a small amount of welding to complete installation unless the ‘no weld’ option has been selected. (Weld is prefereable – Please call if you would like more detail)
  12. If there is a sub-floor that the pole will be bolted to, what is the depth to the finished floor level in mm?
  13. Is there underfloor heating? If yes, confirm allowance has been made for securely fixing the 150mm diameter pole base plate