Timber Tread Spiral Stairs

Our stunning range of timber tread spiral staircases cater for every taste.
From the Traditional mix of Hardwood and Wrought Iron to the Modern Stainless Steel, the timber tread models are designed to complement your home design.
Each staircase is hand made by our own skilled team, and as the “Elite” name suggests, to the highest quality.

The Timber Tread spiral staircases are available in any diameter from 1020mm to 2500mm and every staircase is bespoke so our staircases can be made to suit any height and situation.

There is also a range of various baluster options which you can see on this page, please click on the pictures to open a further gallery of installations.

The timber used is solid Hardwood, not laminated, and is supplied ready to be stained/waxed with whatever you choose. This way you can ensure that the stairs will blend in with any existing timber in your home. We will happily treat the timber for you prior to delivery.

All Hardwoods used in the manufacturing of our Spiral Staircases are from certified sustainable sources, therefore helping to preserve Timber in the future.